Golden Hour

by Krzysztof Turowski

Who among you knows the golden hour meaning? Every photographer is probably smiling now, because he knows very well what I am talking about.

The golden hour is such a special moment during the day. It appears twice – the first just after sunrise, and the second just before sunset. The golden hour gives us a fantastic warm light to take beautiful and moody photos, long shadows and a touch of romance – beautiful! If you do not believe how much the golden hour changes, I encourage you to look at my video material about protecting crops <<here>>, where at the very end my face is bathed in the rays of the rising day. I look completely different!

Yes, the golden hour is probably my favourite time to photograph.

Hunting also has its special time, noticeable especially now – at the beginning of the season for roe buck hunting. I have heard many times that the best time to hunt for roe buck is an hour just before, and just after sunset.

Apparently, it is then that the strongest, the most beautiful, the most secretive and distrustful roebucks go out from hide. Even if we do not want to hunt them, it is worth to look at it at least for some time and appreciate this very special moment.

In Poland, only hunters who pass additional exams can hunt for deer. You first have to hunt for 3 years, and after that you can pass exams to hunt for deer male game. In last days, social media are full of hunters who have just received, or have such permissions, and are proud to move into hunting unit.

I don’t have them yet and I am looking forward to becoming such hunter. Before this happens, I can keep my fingers crossed for the successful hunting of others and learn, to be 100% ready for my additional training and exams.

When preparing for training, it is worth being aware that the hunting law is changing. And make sure, that learning materials which we use are up-to-date. This applies not only to the additional exams, but also the basic one for the regular hunter.

A good example is the new criteria for shooting roe bucks. There is no longer a division into age classes. Now we have a division into regular hunting or selective shot. For regular hunting we hunt bucks in the first antler means in the second year of life, and from the second to the fourth antler, which means third to the fifth year of age. The second group is the selective shot, which starts from the fifth antler, means at the age of six and older.

The roe buck hunters have a huge responsibility. They have to recognize the age of the game before the shot. There can be no mistakes, and 1 centimeter of difference in the legs of the point is important.

If, like me, you still don’t have additional trainings and exams, then talk to older colleagues and ask them to show you the roe buck antlers and try to independently estimate the age of the buck based on books, and literature. Learn and get knowledge. Try to be ready four your course before it will start, so that the course systematizes and confirms what you already know.

Make learning not a duty, let it be a pleasure and make the time for the first, future hunt bathed in the warm May sun, which turns golden photographer hour and starts the hour of trophy roe buck.

Happy Hunting!

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