Maybe we will finally cook something together?

by Krzysztof Turowski

I am sure you have already discovered that I talk a lot about the advantages  of venison, I glorify its taste and its nutritional value. Now, attention! I will reveal to you our great hunting mystery. It is something of we hunters are whispering about, or not saying anything at all. This secret is passing down from generation to generation. It’s a tradition that hunters have cultivated for centuries. I will tell you about the marinade for. Btu please remember –  it’s our secret, and please don’t show it to anyone!

Okay, I’m joking a little, and I’d love to show this marinade recipe to everyone who want to prepare good,  tasty venison, because It is very important process for our venison preparation.  The fact of the long tradition of this recipe is also not a joke.

The first part is seasoning. Usually before venison reaches the store shelf, hung a few days in cold store with a temperature of 1-4 Celsius degrees. Thanks to the chemical process the lactic acid will appear in the muscles. This acid will make the meat become more noble. This method has been also used for many years by the Americans during the preparations of their delicious beef steaks. Unfortunately, you must take care of the second part of this process yourself at home using the marinade.

I heard many times an opinion that the game is dry, tough, smell unappetizing and it’s unpalatable. You just need to follow few step to completely change your mind about venison. There is few possibilities to make marinade. The classic venison marinade is a combination of water, vinegar and red wine in the following proportions – 8 parts of water for 1 part vinegar and 1 part of red wine. We add broth vegetables –  carrot, parsley root, leek, celery root. Add spices: black pepper, marjoram, allspice, bay leaf, rosemary, coriander. We don’t have to use a lot of them – just a few grains or a pinch of each. Add a few juniper seeds to get more aromatic, bittersweet and pine taste.

Put it together, and boil it. Cool down this mixture and add salt – 1 teaspoon per liter is enough. Add one teaspoon of sugar. Add the marinade to your meat – it should cover it all. Put in the fridge and come back to my blog in a few days for recipe of a delicious roe deer stew.The meat prepared in this way, will be delicate, soft, has a wonderful aroma of wine, vegetables and spices.

Another classic marinade based only the red dry wine. Add sliced garlic, few cloves, a few grains of pepper and juniper. Instead of carnations, you can use a cardamom. And there is no need to boil it up. You just need to put it to bowl with venison, cover with food wrap and put into fridge.

The ideal time for marinating is 48 hours. You can reduce this time to 24 hours or increase it to 72 hours. However, the minimum, is 24 hours. The time depends on which part of meat you want to use. Deer saddle, roe deer saddle, or hog tenderloin will be ready after 1 day because these parts of meat are very delicate. The wild boar ham need 3 days. Of course, I’m talking about diced meat.

Ok, but why do we use this marinade? What’s the purpose?

Wine, vinegar cider, or milk make the game delicate and start saving the taste inside. The meat will remain juicy, full of flavor and aroma. It’s the merit of acids. Venison which has not been seasoned and marinated for a few days, will be different from properly prepared meat. It will be dry hard and tasteless.Some people may not like the smell of classic vinegar. You can use wine vinegar, give it less or use a different kind of marinade – wine or based on milk.

Venison is very lean meat. Animals live in the wild without human interaction and therefore require a special treatment. Hunted boar male will have a characteristic smell, which will not have a pork from farm. Piglets are castrated, when they are small. It means they do not produce the hormones responsible for this characteristic, not always pleasant smell.

Hunters do no harm wild animals and respects its natural reproduction. Because of this, we have to take care of the meat after hunt.

Come back soon and I will tell you what’s next with your marinated meat.

Happy hunting!

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